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jdwallingtons is proud to present our next evolution in modern - primitive style home furnishings

The Stackable Chest Drawer

The stackable or stacking chest drawer makes furnishing your home or office fun, affordable and easy.
It makes the job of packing and moving nearly a thing of the past, while providing you with all the storage space you will ever need.

A interior designers dream come true, from simple country living to modern abstract art,
our stackable chest drawer allows your imagination to swore, The Sky's The Limit.

Like building blocks, our stackable chest drawers allow you the flexibility to create virtually any piece of furniture needed  for your home or office. 

End Tables - Nightstands

Entertainment Centers

Coffee Tables


Chest of Drawers

When it's comes to storage space "YOU GOT IT"
When it's time to move " just pick up one of your stacking chest drawers and load it on the truck

 " let your imagination swore "

It's so easy
The drawers come in three different sizes 


30 inches wide
18 3/4 in depth
7 inches tall


18 inches wide
18 3/4 in depth
7 inches tall


12 inches wide
18 3/4 in depth
7 inches tall

You simply stack, stager, stair step twist and turn your chest drawers until you get your desired affect
Each piece is handmade, we use recycled wooden pallet lumber to make our drawers, we also
assemble them with twisted nails to ensure
strength and durability.
We also have a wonderful color selection we use MINWAX STAIN'S on all our wood products
you can view our stain selection here
you may chose to paint them instead

How to Order your Stackable Chest Drawers
Placing your order easy and 100% secure
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Once you have decided the type of furniture you would like to create, simply scroll down to the bottom of this page to make your purchase
 choose the drawer size you wish to purchase and click the add to cart button
once you arrive at your shopping cart simply change the number in the quantity section to your desire amount.
At this point you continue shopping in order to add different sizes to your cart, or simply checkout.
Also remember to make a note - in the note seller section of your cart stating the color and number of the stain
color you wish your drawers to be. or you can simply give us a call at ( 740-876-4727) we will be happy to take your order over the phone.
you may also visit  and make your purchase there.

Stackable Chest Drawer

Large Medium Small

$ 89.99

$ 69.99

$ 59.99


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